8/41A, Netaji Nagar, Kolkata-700092

(Near Netaji Nagar Women's Hostel)

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Monday to Saturday (10 A.M. to 9 P.M.)


Mobile - +91 8240377170

Whatsapp - +91 6291548518

Email - shikhshaneersncdept@gmail.com

Arkajit Dasgupta is the founder of Shikhshaneer. He completed his diploma from Jnan Ghosh College & B.Tech from Mallabhum Institute of technology. He imparts knowledge of mathematics by teaching the subject to his students in his educational institution Shikhsha Neer. Not only he instills within students the love for mathematics but also inspires students to indulge in extracurricular activities.
He is fondly called "DADA" by his students & is greatly loved & valued among them. Sometimes he is a strict teacher and at some he is a sweet brother. He does not restrict education to the confinement of textbooks, but motivates his students to excel in every possible field.
"When you want to succeed as badly as you wish to breathe, that is when you will succeed." he often says.
Be it exam fear or the result's tension, teenager whims or friendship conflicts one will always find him by his side.He employs different methods to inspire and motivate his students, whom he considers as his own brothers & sisters. Despite having love for reading he after spending 16 to 18 hours of teaching would play the role of an avid reader during night hours to read the broken verses of his writer students. And then he would read them out to other students with pride. He believes in learning but not through mugging up or cramming the whole night before exams. He believes in practical experience of the learnt facts and experiencing life not under microscope. He does not only hold these views but also influences his students to work hard & chase their dreams. While reading through some write ups & sketches of his own students, he was struck with an idea. He did not want the talents & perseverance of his students to go in vain. He wanted them to be praised & encouraged to follow their wishes. It is only then that he decided to begin an annual magazine to showcase the talents of his students & provides them a platform where their wishes & desires run wild and they enjoy the liberty to chase their dreams.Dada along with his team worked hard day & night to call the project a reality. When the tree of perseverance bore fruits, it was.............. the one in your hands & we leave it upto you to decide.
He, Arkajit Dada does not only love his own students but has a nerve for each and every child. One day he hopes to help children who are below poverty level to get their share of education. One must think that has he got no dreams for himself? Ofcourse he has, some day he wants to initiate a cultural institute to make a few dreams to be woven into reality.
❄️ 💖 Winter picnic organized by Shikhshaneer with students 💖 ❄️